Definition of a Fuckwit
noun: a stupid or contemptible person

Criteria for determining the winner of this years Captain Fuckwit of the Year award.
The criteria is strict and involves a point system with candidates scoring points and bonus points *EBP for fuckwitery

Points are scored if candidates commit any of the following acts:
Being a fucking nonce *EBP

Violating the Nuremberg Code *EBP

Violating the Geneva convention on genocide *EBP

Attacking the food supply *EBP

Committing treason *EBP

Acting like a fascist dictator *EBP

Placing the granddaughter of Nazi scum in your cabinet *EBP

Invoking martial law without justification

Participating in a charity scandal

Bribing the media

Being a racist i.e. wearing black face

Being a compulsive liar

Being bribed by Aga Khan

Participating in the SNC-Lavalin affair

Interfering in RCMP mass shooting investigations

Driving inflation through the roof

Legal notice: This site is meant for entertainment purposes, the Captain Fuckwit award is based on opinion and does not prove winners are fuckwits or captain fuckwits. We are however, serious about filing documents and recordings in federal court to expose what is in our view corruption within Justin Trudeau’s liberal members of parliament. Until such time allegations have not been proven in court but we are certain once you hear the audio you will agree