Help us Expose the corruption of Justin Trudeau’s MPs

We are gathering to file in federal court, documents and audio recordings that we believe will clearly demonstrate Liberal Members of Parliament (one a cabinet minister) helped bury a conspiracy to commit fraud.

This conspiracy, the Liberal Members of Parliament failed to expose as they promised they would, involves federally appointed judges, government officials, court reporters and the police.

The fraud also includes racism and physical and mental violence on the part of those involved. The cover up also includes members of the CBC, APTN, Macleans and various other mains stream media outlets.

You can help expose the hypocrisy and the fraud coverup involving Liberal MPs in three ways.

  • Share this site on social media
  • Contact the media (obviously not MSM)
  • Donate to finance the filing of the audio recordings in federal court

Don’t forget you have the right to express your opinion and refer to Justin Trudeau as “Captain Fuckwit” hence forth.

Ways to help


Share on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Gab etc Don’t forget to express your opinion and refer to Justin Trudeau as #CaptainFuckwit

Contact Honest Media

Contact honest media outlets and ask them to do a story on this site and its contents. Obviously main stream media is a waste of time.

Donate to cover costs

You can donate via bitcoin, or via interac email transfer by sending to with the password: fuckwit

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If you are a liberal sympathizer please don't contact us, instead go and cry on your communist woke pillow

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All other inquiries can be made through

Legal notice: This site is meant for entertainment purposes, the Captain Fuckwit award is based on opinion and does not prove winners are fuckwits or captain fuckwits. We are however, serious about filing documents and recordings in federal court to expose what is in our view corruption within Justin Trudeau's liberal members of parliament. Until such time allegations have not been proven in court but we are certain once you hear the audio you will agree

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